Speaker: Paul Cullimore

Cybersecurity Senior Architect, EMEA

  • Paul Cullimore

    Paul Cullimore

    Paul works within Microsoft Services as part of the Cybersecurity Global Practice (GCP), a team dedicated to improving the security maturity of Microsoft’s customers by helping them mitigate the risks affecting all businesses within todays cybersecurity threat environment.

  • He has worked within Microsoft Services for 15 years and is an Architect with a background in infrastructure, Office 365, Lync, AD and of course security. Throughout this time he has worked with organisations globally and across all industry sectors.

The Microsoft experience of the modern day threat environment

Microsoft, the company and its products, are one of the global primary cyber-attack targets. Find out how we perceive the modern day cybersecurity threat environment, what our customers are experiencing and how will be are helping them become more secure against modern threats.