Speaker: Commander Neil Hall

Royal Navy

Cdr N J Hall RN is a serving Royal Navy Officer, currently he holds the post of SO1 Information / Cyber Security in Navy Command. During a career that has spanned forty years, he has commanded ships / units in significant theatres of global conflict, enforcing international law, leading counter terrorism operations and co-ordinating large scale humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

After an initial twenty nine years in the Royal Navy he left to join the Police Service for ten year, while still remaining a Royal Naval Reservist. As Assistant Commissioner of Police in a British OverseasTerritory, he was responsible for the strategic security and law enforcement management of the region facing significant challenges in countering organised criminal gangs and managing critical incidents arising from irregular migration.

As an intelligence co-ordination specialist, he was responsible for implementing the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) initiative across regional law enforcement in the South East of England, ensuring a joined up, lateral and innovative strategy to intelligence led policing.

Internationally recognised as an expert in fields of information / intelligence, maritime security, counter terrorism, CBRN, organised & serious crime and critical incident management, he has served as an advisor to Government, non-statutory international organisations and law enforcement agencies on a global basis.

Neil is a regular speaker on the international stage, including the United Nations and NATO, and is a regular lecturer at Greenwich and Portsmouth Universities. He is an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute and a Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Inter Agency Intelligence / Information Sharing

  • Understanding Intelligence / Information
  • Threats to and Security of Intelligence / Information
  • Building Trust Between Different Agencies
  • Interoperability and Compatability between Different Agencies
  • GAIN – A Very British Success Story.