Speaker: Ian Sansome

Hampshire Constabulary

Ian Sansome is employed by the Hampshire Constabulary as a Digital Forensic Investigator and is currently stationed in the Hi – Tech Crime Unit, Police Support Headquarters, Hamble, Southampton. He was previously employed by the Constabulary as a Detective Constable, serving on the Fraud Squad and Computer Crime Unit. His duties include the retrieval and examination of evidence from digital devices, presentation of the examination to Court, Tribunals, Intel units etc.. His duties also include assisting those involved in the investigations where the digital device is the subject of the crime or the digital device was used to commit a crime.

Integrity and continuity of evidence is of paramount importance

The results of investigating cyber crime will at some stage lead to a suspect, their premises and their digital equipment. All the good work leading up to this stage of the investigation could be undone by breaching the integrity and continuity of the exhibits when they are seized and examined.